Photo2326Olivia was sitting at her desk, writing a story. It was about a far away planet, XRO17. Lots of people were living on the planet and there wasn’t enough space for everyone, so the Presinden of XRO17 sent five spaceships to find out more about the Earth. As they were getting near the Earth, four of the spaceships caught fire. Only one of them got to the Earth and kanded safely.

In it was Olivia  too. When  the  spaceship landed everyone got surprised. They found out that it was the toy planet, the planet that they were  interested in. Olivia was so happy. She had not seen so many toys.They could speak,walk, dance and sing like human beings.She made friends with the  toys.Than had commands to go back to their XRO17 planet ,but their spaceship burnt too,and they had to stay,and live on the very  planet.they were very happy to inhabit on this planet.Later they decided to explore and discover many other planets too.

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