Sports 4
Wrestling has been a successful sport in the Olympics for Armenia. Half of the twelve Armenian Olympic medalists and were wrestlers. At the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, Armen Nazaryan won the gold in the Men’s Greco-Roman Flyweight (52 kg) category, and Armen Mkrtchyan won the silver in Men’s Freestyle Paperweight (48 kg) category, securing Armenia’s first two medals in its modern Olympic history. With Armenia’s only gold medalist, Nazaryan, only two silver medalists, Mkrtchyan and Arsen Julfalakyan, and half of entire Olympic medalists being wrestlers, wrestling is Armenia’s most successful Olympic sport. Armenia hosted the 2010 FILA Wrestling World Cup. The Armenian wrestling team came in third place overall and Armenian wrestlers individually won three of the seven gold medals. Traditional Armenian wrestling is called kokh (կոխ), and practiced in traditional garb; it was one of the influences included in the Soviet combat sport of sambo, which is also very popular.

My opinion` Wrestling increased Immunological Activity, strength, flexibility and Endurance. It improves blood metabolism. Also, wrestling requires the type of physical conditioning that strengthens and tones the muscles.

wrestlers — ըմբիշ
securing — ապահովել
entire — ամբողջական
overall — ընդհանուր
practice — պրակտիկա
influence — ազդեցություն
strength — դիմացկունություն
blood metabolism — արյան նյութափոխանակություն

My future profession

I want to become an accountant. Everybody knows that our eduection system is good then others. I see my future in Armenia. My mother and father wants to become a good specialist, and they take came to me. I think that my future proffesion is invariable. Becouse my all decisions are explicit. I think that everyone revile find therself in their own profession.

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