Hello, my best friend Elen.
I am now in Cannes  city in France.  I wish  you were with me, because  I miss you so much.1234687_389244451198674_2126801575_n
Yesterday I learnt about a museum which was opened recently. I visited it today and I am so impressed that I want to tell you about it now. I  hope  it will be interesting for you.
The museum is called “ Childhood’s museum” . There more than 3500 toys, games and dolls from different centuries are exhibited. There was an amazing doll with moving hands and legs. It was 4000 years old. I saw a plane made in  1870 —  tens of years before the real airplane was invented. It was bought by the museum founder Jean Claude Bowdon at the antiquaries market .
Oh, by the way, the idea of founding such a museum  became to the Bowdon when he found an old toy-doll in a garbage. And now, the museum’s  toys collection is a sightseeing place for the city visitors.
I hope, that some time we will be here together enjoying our time at the nice places.
It’s all by now.
See you soon,
Sincerely yours,

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